Large Double-Sided - Bakelite Analog Clock 1960s


Large Double-sided Clock black Mid Century metal clock by Pragotron from the 1960s.

Beautiful and rare double-sided vintage clock with bakelite casing in black color was installed mostly at bus and train stations in Eastern European countries.

  • Manufacturer
    • Pragotron
  • Materials:

    • bakelite, glass

    • bakelite case in black color

  • Dimensions:

    • 47.2 inch - Height

    • 15.8 inch - Diameter

  • Country of Origin:

    • Czechoslovakia

  • Year of Production:

    • The 1960s

  • Condition:

    • restored & fully working like a charm

    • vintage & industrial look

    • rare double-sided clock

  • Pricing
    • including VAT if applicable
    • excluding customs import fees

    Custom engineered and installed microchip!

    You can run the clocks on  AA batteries. 

    The clock is double-sided with each dial having its own microchip.

      Restored it to serve you well for many years to come.

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