Vintage Leather Gymnastics Bench - Pommel Horse No.3


Beautiful and original vintage decor leather gymnastics bench pommel mat from the 1930s. Perfect condition of this vintage home design item!

We have collected these from schools where it was used as gymnastics accessory in the 1930s. Tools were precisely hand-made these days with high-quality leather used.

  • Materials:

    • leather, wood

  • Dimensions:

    • 27,56 inch - width

    • 39,37 inch - height
  • Country of Origin:

    • Czechoslovakia

  • Year of Production:

    • 1930s

  • Condition:

    • fully functional vintage item

    • high-quality true leather

    • perfect condition

    • true origin

The best thing is, it does not have to be used as a pommel horse, we can shorten legs and it can serve as a sitting bench with nice vintage style if you prefer that.

Price is per ONE piece. There are 3 pieces available in our shop, all in perfect condition and with its own story.

Check out our store for more gym accessories from leather. You can also find gym mats in our shop.

The product is an original piece, which was living in its life before we collected it and restored to the actual perfect state.

We made sure it will serve you well for many years to come.

Keen to answer your inquiries if you have questions about this or other products.

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